Truer words never spoken

True growth, however, isn’t linear.

This is a great post, and to me, it speaks to something I’ve disagreed with a friend before. So, I will say this again, to be clear.


I am 36 years old. I just saw a report on a 99-year-old doing guest spots on TV.

I have 63 years to go.

I am going to learn so much more in my life than I know now.

I am capable of loving deeply. I look forward to loving more deeply than even I know I am capable of.

I will stub my toe along the way. I will grow from it.

Why don’t I accept less of myself? I know there is more of me to give, more of me to be. And I don’t have less of me to give.

I just realized I am scaring myself. I am setting a high bar that sometimes I wonder if I can reach it. In the end, I want the bar to be higher and higher, to move me higher and higher.

I do not want to be complete.

There is too much work left to do.

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