Let’s take a random walk through the universe of my head…


Sometimes in life you have to challenges perceptions of what is truly right and truly wrong. Is your way right? Is my way right?

Men often get blamed for screwing up relationships–and rightly so. But what if we get it right, and still fail?

I really enjoyed my weekend.

Sometimes I wonder if my heart is too strong.

I know how I want to be treated–and how I don’t.

Been thinking a lot about introverts lately–I am one, and proudly so. I process and see the world differently. I’m not a social outcast because I am quieter and my drives tend to be internal. I have to work harder to achieve my aims. Hard work is its own reward.

My Achilles heel is that I’m stubborn, relentless and persistent. My strengths are that I’m stubborn, relentless and persistent. I just don’t have fireworks shooting out of my ass to signify it.

I love holidays.

I am worthy.

I am compassionate, and that compassion takes many forms.

I think, being a black male, that the usual societal notions of what I should be are nonsense. I don’t want to be like everyone else. Can you imagine how boring that would be? I would just want to sleep in all day if that’s the case.

While I understand who I am, I seem to keep growing and learning. I want that to continue. Even trees don’t stand still.

I remain in love with someone who doesn’t love me. Insane? No. What I feel for her is like a meditation. I’m sitting, standing, going about my daily life, not forcing myself to do anything or feel anything differently. And she remains in me. It’s kind of sad, yes. But very invigorating at the same time because of the naturalness of it. It is one of the greatest feelings. No, the love isn’t returned in the way I’d like. But what she has engendered in me continues to feel good.

A friend of mine said men are weird. Hmmmm…

A question that came up a lot over a weekend of dinners, drinks and conversation–what is more important: friendships or relationships?

I love being an introvert, because I gather so many ideas from sources that aren’t as obvious on first blush.

Western society is geared to acting. Ok, cool. It needs to be geared to thinking, too.

I’ve traveled to a few countries in my life. I’m not being jingoistic when I say I’m glad to be American. I feel like I have more options and more opportunities here than other countries. Not saying that I wouldn’t live elsewhere–I would. But being American can open some doors.

Someone once accused me of hiding behind my blog. Huh? Sorry, but no–this is a public blog. You don’t need a password to read it–though you do need to know who I am. This is public. Go back to the passage above on love. Hiding? You know by reading that that’s there is someone in this world of six billion people that I love someone. It’s out there, the most intimate piece of my heart is there in the open.

The lessons I learn in life I want to build on. The lessons I teach others I want to build on. The lessons I see other teach (good and bad) I want to be conscious of.

Coffee and writing–a good combination.

There is a book called Envy of the World–Being a Black Man in America. Read it. Go here, scroll down, read the book intro. As you read it, you are reading me. Read what I have to overcome. What I must be.

Reading a special package from Foreign Policy magazine, this quote caught my eye…Otto von Bismarck observed that God favors fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.


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