Birds of a feather

I”ve been watching the The Players golf tournament this weekend, and in particular, Tiger Woods, of course. He’s spraying shots all over the course, but has the ability to come back from his mistakes. One thing I think I’ve picked out about him–he’s sensitive. When he mis-hits a shot, he knows it immediately. When he hits a good shot, he knows it. His senses, his awareness is fine-tuned. As we should all be.

I was talking to a friend over dinner recently, and the subject of introverts came up. One thing that me, Barack Obama, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan have in common–we are all introverts. I may be a little more pronounced than the others, but we are all self-contained. We don’t live to have others approve of us, nor for the approval of others. We don’t need to be needed. We want to be wanted. There is a huge, huge difference between the two.

Now, being self-contained could lead one–us introverts–to be arrogant. I know this struggle. We are perceived as distant, inscrutable, unreachable, unknowable. Mysterious, complex. I’ll take the last two–I like those. The others…it’s a fight. Distant, inscrutable, unreachable, unknowable could be signs of a heart closed. I know, being an introvert, that the thing I have to do all the time–all the time–is to keep open my heart.


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