Operating principle

I am generally not a stubborn person. Really, I’m not. I’m very easygoing, placid, diplomatic.


If I’m to do something that I don’t want to do, or do something that is the antithesis of me, I get stubborn. Not belligerent, not nasty, not mean. Just stubborn. And respectful, of course. But, to slice and dice my heart, my soul for someone, and to allow that to happen, ain’t happening. To be asked to be less whole, less human, less me–no.

Granted, I have said many a time before that I am an introvert. Introvert, yes, but not some ogre. I am worthy of loving, and I am worthy of being loved and of love it itself.

So, the operating principles are…stubborn, yes, but always respectful and diplomatic. I understand and know who I am. I evolve. I am whole. I will not cut myself into pieces for anyone, including people I love.



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