Dream-like storm

It usually happens about once a year. I wish it happened more, but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

I live in New Jersey, and sometimes thunderstorms rumble through in the middle of the night. And there I was last night, sound asleep, when the rumbles came through. I don’t know what time–I couldn’t be bothered to look at the clock. I seemed to stay as the rumbles and claps of thunder got stronger and pierced through the night. I barely noticed any lightning–my eyes stayed closed, but my ears remained open. Then the rains came, beating their ryhthm on the window and the trees.

It was almost a dream, a lush, warm blanket to wrap myself in. At least, it was better than the strange dream I had later about a beach house…


One thought on “Dream-like storm

  1. Oh how I miss those rumbles. I grew up in Va. I miss those thunderstorms. Out here in Colorado we get alot of bravado but not much delivery.

    Love how you hear them approaching, and then they are on top of you, and then they just roll on off in the distance.


    enjoy them

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