I’ve been blogging for two years, through about 2,500 posts, and figured it was past time to post an FAQ…

Who are you?

I am a bunch of things, a walking bundle of humanity. But really, I am a black guy (yes, I say black and not African-American–I’m old-school), mid-30s, living in New Jersey.

Why are you writing?

I write to write and write to live. I had no real grand plans for this, but it has become a place for me to plant my flag and say who I am and who I am becoming.

Your writing seems intensely personal.

It is. Something happened to me about two years (ok, ok, I got my heart broken), and instead of closing up shop and shriveling into a corner, I wrote what I felt. And I’m still doing that. And in the bargain, a strong guy (internally) has become stronger. I write what I feel and often my heart feels strong. This is where I write from, or try to.

Forgive me, but black guys usually don’t do this–write from the heart and all that.

I forgive you, but you’re wrong 😉 I once had a friend say that she doesn’t see stereotype. That’s great, but the problem is everyone else does. And that notion is one of them. I know who I am, and make no apologies for that. I am used to swimming against the tide, and that’s more fun than swimming with the pack. Were you to meet me, you’d be surprised. Pleasantly so 😉

Ok, I stand corrected. What do you do for a living?

I’d tell you, but, well, you know…

Not even a hint?

It’s a creative enterprise.

You’re not gonna say.


Ok, that explains the nom de plume. What’s the origin?

It’s an homage to Ralph Ellison’s essay, “The Little Man at Chehaw Station.” Basically, it says you have to be your best at any time, even for an old guy cleaning a train station.

Cool. So are you gonna write a book based on this blog?

Maybe. I’ve got the material.

Final thoughts?

I’m an introvert (again, going against type), and we are often slammed for being distant and not being passionate. Take a walk through this blog. I reject the charge. Categorically.


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