Doors opening

In life, doors close, and doors open. Sometimes we chose the doors, sometimes, the doors chose us. Sometimes we have a say in the matter, sometimes we don’t.

The path that most African slaves were forced to take on the Middle Passage to America went through the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana. There is a door there, the Door of No Return, where those slaves last saw the continent on that brutal journey. I mention it because President Obama is scheduled to visit the castle today.

I also mention it because as some point, we all walk through doors. Our response is the key.

At Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, retracing slavery’s steps.


2 thoughts on “Doors opening

  1. I visited the castle around this time last year and seeing you post about the door brings back memories. Its sad that people are capable of inflicting so much pain on one another.

  2. Bashyra, you couldn’t be more right. It’s still stunning to me how some can treat one another so brutally. But then, some have the greatest of humanity flowing in them. I hope to visit the castle myself one day.

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