Hook pattern

Coat hooks.

You come home after work, or going out, and you put your coat on a hook, and the coat stays there, right?

Instead of a coat, picture negative thoughts. Like mine…

You’re a black man, you should be… (insert some dumbass stereotype)

You’re 37, you should…(insert some screed about what’s appropriate for my age)

You’re a man, you should be..(insert some dumbass stereotype about what guys should do with women)

Note that I negative thoughts–show me someone who doesn’t. I’m human, it happens. But I notice something–they don’t hang around. They make an appearance in me, then they just seem to move out, replaced by stronger, more positive thoughts. There’s no place inside me for the negative thoughts to take roots, and that’s the key.

The  mind, the heart, the soul, they are all fertile ground. What is good grows well in it.


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