Cycle of rings

When I was a junior in high school, we all got class rings.

And of course, I ended up losing mine. Where, I don’t know, maybe in the house, but I fear it landed in the trash. Since we didn’t have much, that was a huge deal. Those things aren’t cheap.

Now, while Mom was mad as a hatter at me, she did something I wasn’t sure she’d do. She bought me another one. This one, I made sure I held on to.

Until I went to college. But this time, no do-overs, since I moved on to another place. But over the years, whenever I came home, I wondered what happened to it.

One day when my mom was cleaning a room in my grandmother’s house, what did she find? A tarnished class of 1990 ring with my name on it. I’ll probably clean it.

But hopefully I won’t lose it this time.


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