Inner voyage//ramble on

this is my playground…so hang on to the swing…

so what if i have a very rich inner life? so i should be punished for that? why so? if anything, i should let it out more. (like here…)

what are my thoughts? my feelings? my desires? i want someone i can’t have. but i feel alive and awake, maybe because of this. i am alone, but i’m happy. here’s the thing–inside or outside of a relationship, i am whole. i know who i am. that simple fact has not and will not get lost when i’m with someone or when i’m alone. i could cure diseases, send man to mars, get the cubs to win a world series–being whole could be the best thing i can do for humanity. and the neat thing is–so can you.

sometimes i wonder if i’m deluding myself. but then i say no–where i am fits like a good pair of jeans. i actually feel younger than the calendar claims.

it feels good to be awake. (even at this late hour).

it is fantastic to be writing while miles davis’s classic “so what” is playing on the radio, and the crickets are chirping outside. the small things in life are the good things.

i’ve been writing and thinking a lot about introverts lately. this isn’t self-aggrandizing or self-serving to say, but we are an amazing group of people.


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