Home again

There I was last night, asleep, but dreaming. Dreaming of my old elementary school, and walking through the halls (how narrow they are since I’ve grown up). And then I walked into the school’s annex, this huge building twice the school of the original building. I’m just walking through, taking note of the space, and seeing the water around the building. And then, a former boss pulls up in an airboat and offers to take me back to the main building. I hope aboard and the dream ends.

I know that three makes a trend, but two nights and two dreams of home have me thinking. Why am I dreaming of home? What is home? I’ve had the dream of this building before–why has it come up again?

What is home? Is it a physical place, the place I grew up? Or is it something different, a state of mind or a state of being?

What did that water mean? And what about my boss (I hate dreaming about work)?

Questions, questions, questions. What are the answers? Hmm, not sure, but I guess I’ll have to dream some more to find out.


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