Try this

The next time you’re in the New york area, take the train from Newark Penn Station to New York Penn Station. You go through the tunnel underneath the Hudson, and as you slowly pop into daylight, look to you left. You’ll see a building with the words New Yorker emblazoned in red on the top of the building. Unfortunately, it’s a hotel and not the magazine. Then the train ducks back underground and pulls up to the platform. You step out and slowly make your way up to Penn Station, where the only reminders of that once-great station are photographs of its splendor. Now walk toward the 7th Avenue exit. You walk up the steps with the rest of humanity, and then you hit the sidewalk and stop. The rush of humanity washes over you like walking through a waterfall. The rush of the people and the energy of the city are contagious and a little overwhelming. Now, you can dive into the roiling cauldron of humanity and watch the city be the city in all its glorious mayhem.


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