Hair on fire

Lately, in my country, more than a few people are sitting their hair on fire. Infernos, if you like. Apparently there are those who aren’t liking the idea of a black president.

Yes, all the chatter has me concerned, but I’m not going to set my own hair on fire out of mere sympathy. But I’m not going to talk about politics. You can’t fly off the handle with every single slight and arrow that will be thrown at you. Every time that someone tries to strip you of your humanity, emasculate your soul, that is a call to strengthen your soul, your humanity. And sometimes that means not doing the things that some people expect you to do. Refusing to be a punching bag for anyone.

When others what to drag you down, that is your signal to blossom, set your roots even deeper.

You may be called a robot, distant, aloof, arrogant. Your body, and your mind, and your soul, are stronger enough to handle such blows.

Your humanity, your soul remain the center of who you are.


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