Standing my ground

I read this story, and I wonder…

Why do we devalue intelligent black men?

A young boy, gone, because he tried to be good, different from the other kids in his neighborhood.

Why? Such a damn waste.

But why do we devalue intelligent black men?

It’s almost if–if I don’t play ball well, dance well, sing well, have women draped all over me, I have no value to society.

An attitude that leaves me enraged.

How dare anyone say that because I’m smart, and have a “different attitude,” my value as a man, as a human being, is somehow diminished.

It makes me so angry that I want to cry. And I am.

I make no apologies for my smarts. I don’t even want to imagine the alternative. I value deeply my ability to think. And that lets me act appropriately, smartly. And there’s something wrong with that? Are you kidding me?

Because other people may attempt to devalue me, does not give me permission to devalue myself. Simple as that. I have value, I have worth. I am capable of so much. Society, other people, may try to strip those from me. They can’t take away what is inside me.

I am a fully formed, fully vested human being. An intelligent black man. And proudly so.

Beaten teen had ‘different attitude’ than other boys, activist says –


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