Getting through it

When I’m angry–which is rare–how do I try to overcome it? The last thing I want is to be consumed by it. I can feel the anger boiling in me, and it’s an awful feeling–my body feels tense, and the energy to restore it to normal is draining. One solution–breathe. Sounds simple, yes, but it works. You’re sort of exhaling the anger out of you and inhaling positive energy. That helps, as does writing about it. What makes me angry? Not much, other than feeling betrayed or used. I want to be a good person, and a good man, but people often equate good with being weak and easily usable. And then they become upset because when you say no, I will not be treated like that, they realize they can’t control you. I’m not into controlling people. and I don’t want someone to think that they can do the same to me.


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