I’m wondering…

I want to pose a question–I was thinking about introversion and black men. Here’s my theory–take Tony Dungy, Tiger Woods, Barack Obama and Michael Jordan. Four black men, four introverts, four very successful men. Is their introversion the reason for their success?

As this article points out, being black and an introvert ain’t easy. The culture at large has its own ideas of  what you should be and tries to penalize if you don’t measure up. Forging a path when you have those kinds of weeds in front of you is hard. But having the examples of those four men helps immensely. They’ve persevered in spite of the obstacles that were (and in some cases still are) in the way. They are, to my mind, the epitome of what a strong black man should be.

(I want to put Mike Singletary in this introverted category, but I don’t believe he is. No matter, though–I’ve always admired and respected Samurai Mike. Plus he looks like my dad.)


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