What’s in a name

I named my blog Never Too Late because I really believe that it’s true for me. I’ve been a late starter/late bloomer. Starting out well has never been a strong suit. I stumble, fall down, skin a knee. Then, comes the decision point–do I stay down, or get up? Invariably I get up, dust myself off and keep rolling. A good friend says I’m persistent, and it’s true. I don’t give up easily, though from afar it looks like I should. People tell me don’t get my hopes up, you won’t get what you want. Even without knowing it explicitly, I believe in the long game–in the end, you will be where you want. Of course, that means there will be suffering involved. Being human, it’s hard to come to terms with this, but it’s simply a fact. The thing is not to be held captive by it, but embrace it. As I quoted Winston Churchill two years ago, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” I think we get into trouble by attaching too much significance to what we have and what we lack–cars, homes, lifepartners, trinkets, baubles. Who we are as humans, as ourselves, is key. Are we whole? Can we contribute to our communities, society, our friends and families? I don’t want to come off as some soulless, joyless, stoic, robotic lump.


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