I had a friend in Brussels who once said she was empty inside. And, meeting her for the first time, you’d think she was lying. Beautiful, outgoing, with a definite air of class to her. But in a quiet moment, she said that what I was seeing, wasn’t really there.

It’s a naive question to ask, perhaps, but how is it possible for anyone to be empty inside? Maybe I’m projecting myself out on others, because I seem to have a constant conversation going in me. What happens to us to make us empty? If I had to guess, it would be the quest for love.

It’s often said that the most important person we love is ourselves. We have, then, a constant responsibility to cultivate that our love of ourselves, so that we can love others. What good is it for you to love someone else if you can’t do the same for yourself? It seems selfish, but it really isn’t–What foundation of love with somebody are you tricking yourself into if you don’t have that foundation within yourself? To love yourself, you yourself have to see the dignity and respect inherent in you. Someone else can point the way, but that someone doesn’t have your eyes.

We want love to be this grand, glorious, mysterious, beautiful, romantic thing. And I’m down with that. But there’s a responsibility, too. We have a responsibility to give to ourselves what we want (and sometimes demand) from others.

Love ain’t all flowers and chocolate and 300-thread count sheets. It involves some work. And the most important work is done within you.


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