Not sure what this one’s gonna go…

lots of complaints today about the yankees “buying” a world series title–total bunk. you can have all the money in the world, and still not have a damn bit of common sense. the old saw of money not buying happiness is true. knowing what you’re doing counts more than your bank account.

i was wondering if i was holding out to something, unable to “move on,” and the answer keeps bouncing back, no. this ol’ heart of mine, as the song goes, remains the same as it ever was.

i was wondering was i being stubborn about things. no, i feel like i’m on the right course. i don’t want to be arrogant about things. arrogance to me is not being awake.

i’m listening to the live version of “spanish moon” by little feat. awesome guitar in it.

sometimes i say to myself, i need to meditate more. then i go, well, just meditate where you are. sometimes things in life are really that simple.

i don’t worry about being a writer writer here, right now.

i was thinking the other day–what i have or don’t have, doesn’t define me. i am whole, as i am, right now. (i’m not saying can’t improve–i certainly can.) why do we give up our wholeness? isn’t that–shouldn’t that–be sacred? why do others want us to be less whole? what is the problem? how can we be of true service to others if we are not whole ourselves? explain it to be because i don’t get it. i am whole, right now. a car, a house, a girlfriend, an iphone–none of those makes me whole. that falls on my shoulders. there is so much that i am capable of being. and being whole is part and parcel on that.

chehaw says all of the above with a smile on his face.

can i be a friend from far away, carry someone in my heart through the silence? certainly can. certainly am.

writing is meditation. living is meditation.



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