The morning commute

This is what’s going to happen.

When I get onto the turnpike in the morning, I’m going to set the cruise control to 70, and just mosey on up the road. Meanwhile, packs of caffeinated, harried drivers will rush past me, hurriedly on their way to jobs and offices they’d just as soon not go to. And there will be one or two who’ll come dangerously close to bumping me off the road as they roll to whatever fire they’re going to. I’ll just keep on moseying, and eventually, I’ll catch them, as their impatience has led to their getting caught in traffic, while I stay patient (for the most part) and maneuver through the backmarkers.

And this happens everyday.

On the turnpike, patience is a requirement. Traffic backups can be legendary, drivers aren’t fully paying attention, and you have to watch your speed. The act of driving is an act of full awareness and mindfulness. Just like everything else that constitutes life.


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