Recovery stroke

I’ve lauded Tiger Woods before, and so now…well, the philandering husband meme kinda kinda bores me. Been there, done that. I’m not ignoring the moral implications of his “transgressions.” Am I disappointed? Yes. But for all the grief he’s gotten for not being “human” enough, this episode should show that he’s just like the rest of us mortals. Fallible, imperfect, prone to doing stupid-ass crap. How he recovers is the key. It’s always the key. He screwed up, I’ve screwed up, you’ve screwed up. And we’ll all screw up again. The way we recover may say more than our “transgressions.”

Addendum: Paulo Coelho has a timely post up on mistakes–unrelated to the Tiger story, but one worth reading for him, and for us all.


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