No movement

They’ve given it a name–the snowpocalypse. My eye spies maybe 15 inches on the ground here in central Jersey. A 45-minute drive south and you’ll see two feet. Which means some digging out for me.

The air, even with snow still falling, is still. No one is moving. Usually, you can hear then hum of cars off in the distance, but not on this Sunday morning.

As I was watching the fierce storm come down last night, an odd thought came to mind. I like snow, watching it change the landscape and quieting the noise and cacophony of humanity. I felt some sadness, knowing that the storm would wend its way up the coast and the snow would eventually end. I wanted it to keep going. Not because I think snow is pretty–it is. But because of how it changes the landscape–it’s almost like a sedative, a calming influence.

Snowbound, 7:51 am


3 thoughts on “No movement

  1. not long ago, i stumbled upon your blog as i was searching for the lotus story. perhaps it wasnt a stumble, and your beautiful work found me. i have enjoyed the little i have read. looking fwd to more time to read more of your talented work, and hoping to one day have my own blog too. peace! 🙂

  2. Coniglio, thanks for reading, and thanks for your comments–they mean a lot to me. And don’t wait–start your own blog now. Can’t wait to read it soon. Much joy to you as well.

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