Just the opposite

This evening I saw a web page asking a question–are introverts boring and uninteresting? (I’m not linking to the page because of a skeevy pop-up)

No, we are not. Now yes, we do seem like it because we are so quiet and tend to stay to ourselves. How can someone so quiet have anything interesting to say?

Pardon my language, but…

Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously, are you joking?

Look, here’s the deal on this. Introverts hate small talk. Hate it. We’d rather have teeth pulled than engage in it. (I’m speaking generally, of course.)

It’s not that we don’t have anything interesting to say–what we know and care about is probably more interesting than the idle chatter/chit-chat/gossip going on.

To crawl inside an introvert’s head is to enter a museum, alive with sights, insights, sounds, feelings, emotions–the depths of which would astound any extrovert. What we have to say, what we think, what we feel, who we are–none of this is shallow. We don’t do shallow.

I think that on a certain level, extroverts are scared of us. They need not fear us.

Just learn to swim a little deeper.


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