Blessings and curses

I’ve been rolling this idea in my head for a while–hence the lack of writing lately.

The emotional self-sufficiency of an introvert can, at least in the West, can be seen as a curse. How can I possibly be a good friend, leader, lover, life partner if I am so self-controlled and self-possessed? The cynic in me can turn that question around and ask how someone really emotional could possibly lead and love.

But I’m not a cynic.

I don’t really know the answer. All I can say is this. I know I can lead, and love, and be a friend. Because I have done them before, and I’ll continue to do them. If anything, my introversion at all three for this reason–I’m not in any of those for the short haul. I’m in them for the long haul.

Once upon a time, someone tried to make me feel that self-possession and self-control and being even-keeled were bad traits to have.

I know better than that.

“Cool Coming Off As Cold” – Coaching Obama | The Introverted Leader.


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