Not for the last time

Can we come to an understanding on something? Please?

My being an introvert does not preclude me from having healthy, stable, fulfilling friendships and relationships. I read on this blog where introversion must be overcome to reach that goal or that state. I was a little blunt in my comment, and I’ll be blunt here:

Fireworks are not the hallmark of a good, healthy, stable relationship.

You need love, compassion, empathy, loyalty, tolerance, depth. They’re not sexy. But they do last. And just because I’m an INTP doesn’t hinder me from having both a stable and dynamic relationship.

People want relationships–hey, so do I–but often skim the surface and are unwilling to do the deep dive, the work it takes to make a relationship work.

And another thing–the most important relationship you have is with yourself. Trite? Yes. But also true.

I know this is not the last time I’m going to see this sort of thing. I’m ready.


3 thoughts on “Not for the last time

  1. Introversion, and the ideas behind the Myers Briggs is to put a label on something that is fluid. I believe that we all are capable of being extroverted and/or introverted depending on our desire and our will. People use the “Introvert” label to often avoid making social contact.

    The idea of “Introversion” must be overcome, not Introversion itself.

    • I think you’re conflating the terms shyness and introversion, which are two different things. If there’s anything to overcome, it’s shyness, and having shy people feel comfortable in making social contact.

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