Never say never

I never do shots…

Except when the clock strikes midnight, and my friend says, “It’s your birthday! Let’s do shots!” Two tequila shots later (Patron, thank you), I’m still upright. How I don’t know. And how I made it home without retching is a miracle.

I never buy Apple products the first day…

Twelve hours after the shots escapade, I drive to the Apple Store, stand in line a few minutes, walk in, then walk out with an iPad. Three hours after it officially went on sale. I never buy their stuff first-day–it’s bugging, the price always drops.

But you know what?

The damn thing rocks. The damn thing simply rocks.

So, after turning 38 (whatever that means–I don’t feel it), I’ve broken two rules. Will I break more this year?

To be continued…


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