Wondering, while wandering the midnight road

Is it only at night, when we sleep, that we can be empty?

As I trekked home from New Jersey to Virginia, I wondered if our souls could empty themselves of all the baggage of the day and of our lives the way the highways could empty of traffic in the middle of the night.

You wonder about things when it’s just you and the big rigs at three in the morning.

You can’t really see the stars until you escape south of Wilmington. Once you cross the Maryland, there they are, wondering where you’ve been all this time.

Driving in the middle of the night beats a traffic-choked journey while the sun shines. Am I turning into a vampire?

I’ve always wondered about this–where are the people out on the road going to? What are their stories?

What was my story is traveling in the middle of the night? I wanted to beat the traffic, have the highway to myself. I’ve never done an overnight drive by myself, so it was an adventure.

It’s good to be home, if only for a few short days.


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