Several observations from the week (I’m being lazy–no links yet–sorry)

–Saw a documentary on Ricky Williams, and gotta say that I admire him overall. Yes, I know he did marijuana and left his team. I admire him because he’s not the image of a black guy that the world (black and white) wants–he’s his own man. Complex, layered, multi-faceted. Good for him.

–Saw an interview with Voila Davis, where she talked about the roles that black women are given in Hollywood. She wanted to see more complex roles that dealt with the totality of a woman’s sexuality. Agreed. Hollywood traffics in stereotypes because they’re easier to process. Especially with blacks and sex–women are under-sexualized, and men are over-sexualized. Can’t we be portrayed as we are–actual normal people?

–The APA’s re-definition of introversion still has me angry. Talk about a huge step back for introverts.

–At dinner this week, I had a good conversation about relationships with a good friend. And we talked about some of the foolishness we’ve had to put up with from other people. And some of the things she’d had done to her be other guys made me shake my head–why am I not that foolish. She called me a decent and wonderful man. I’m trying.And I will continue to try.

–I don’t need fireworks shooting out of my ass to be a great life partner. What I do need to be is loving and nurturing and compassionate.


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