Even more coolness

From the comments here…loved the first Grant quote about coolness…


Well I know what I’m asking for Father’s Day now. Thanks TNC! Coinciding with your posts re: courage and Grant is this line I remember from Shelby Foote and the Ken Burns’ series:

“Grant the general had many qualities but he had a thing that’s very necessary for a great general. He had what they call “four o’clock in the morning courage.” You could wake him up at four o’clock in the morning and tell him they had just turned his right flank and he would be as cool as a cucumber. ”

and another favorite of mine likely apocryphal but its so good it should be true:

“Bobby Lee this, Bobby Lee that! I’m sick to death hearing about Bobby Lee! You think he would do a somersault and land in our rear! Stop thinking about what he will do to you and start thinking about what you will do to him! Bring some guns up here!” –Union General Ulysses S. Grant chiding the staff of the Army of the Potomac during the Battle of the Wilderness


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