Just a thought

It’s one thing to make a mistake–we all do it. But if you keep making the same mistake over and over, you gotta ask–what the hell is wrong and how can this maddening cycle end? I’m not speaking specifically about me, in case you’re wondering. I’m thinking about a conversation I had yesterday, and it made me realize something about me–making the same foolish mistakes in dating/relationships is madness. Are we all so desperate to be with someone that we continue being idiots and, quite frankly, prostrating ourselves to ward off loneliness? Do we dislike ourselves that much that we need someone to protect us from ourselves?

I figured out, or re-figured out something–the dating scene requires a certain amount of gamesmanship. And I’m not really down with it. I can do dinner, and flowers, and all the rest, not because they’re part of a game, but because I want to do them for somebody. I want to be genuine in my affections and emotions, and not be a pawn in a game. Or treat someone else like that.

And, a drive to greet the sun…


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