Compliments welcome

There’s a reason I hang out at bars sometimes…

I was in one of the local bars a few days ago, drinking a Hoegaarden and watching the games. I was hoping to hear some jazz, but there was no band that night. I found a place at the bar, in the corner, and just sipped the night away. Seated near me was a couple on a date night. I guess they were in a conversation–I was trying not to pay attention–when the woman said to me, “You have such a calm aura around you.” I said, in deprecation, “It’s the beer.”


It felt good to have a total stranger compliment me. And yes, I’ll take that compliment any day of the week…

I try to be calm in most of what I do. Calm isn’t easy, it takes practice. But it can be done. And calm doesn’t mean I’m a dead fish.


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