Deeper levels

I’m not necessarily saying that introverts make better lovers. I am saying this–introverts (in general, of course) aren’t very interested in making connections on a shallow, surface level. We want to connect to ourselves and those we care about on a deeper, richer, more intimate level. I think that depth makes is more intense, which can be for good or for ill. Our quietness leads others to think we’re meek and timid. But here’s a question: do I need to show the entire world that I love you? Or do I need to just show you?


One thought on “Deeper levels

  1. Interesting Chehaw. I too am an introvert, though I genuinely love people and love to be around them. I just love to spend ALOT of time alone. I am not shy. But I am an introvert. I just figured this out in the last few years. It was an interesting discovery.

    I too avoid shallow connections. They do nothing for me. Too bad you’re not my neighbor 🙂

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