Country strong

There’s a concept among us rural people, especially the more athletic ones, called country strong. Meaning doing chores (pulling stumps, building a shed, slopping and carrying hogs) builds just as much muscle as a training regimen in a weight room.

I’ve got another meaning for the term, and it comes from my brother. I watched my brother say a few words at a graduation party, and he singled out our mom and, especially his grandmother, who has come close a couple of times to not making it to that day. Her health hasn’t been the greatest, but she made it to see her grandson take an important step on the journey.

And my mom, our mom. She raised two boys essentially on her own. She didn’t have a lot of money to spend on us. She worked (still works) on her feet. She works hard. She gives whatever she can. And she produced two sons who follow her example. And try to everyday.

She’s country strong, and so are her boys.


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