I survived

Introverts generally can handle being alone in a crowd, no matter the size or space. An introvert’s idea of hell can be packed into a crowded bar, no place to sit, with a bunch of people he doesn’t know.

Like yesterday, when I was in New York, watching the World Cup final in a British pub with 200 other people.

But, it really wasn’t hell on earth. My friend and I enjoyed the game (sorry, match) and the drinks and the atmosphere. But I wondered why, when people hit the front door and saw the mass of people already there, they poured in anyway, braving a thick crowd. Yes, I know the match was important, and people love a crowd. But dude, I woulda turned around and found another place. Or gotten there early.

Either way, it was a great communal experience. And yes, some of us introverts like communal experiences.

But we’ll need a nap afterward.


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