A charmer and a seducer

Charm and seduction certainly have their places. A little of one and a little of the other can go a long way. But, like anything, too much of a good thing can be ruinous. Too much charm and too much seduction can lead to negative consequences.

Like making a struggling basketball team even worse than it is, and pissing off loyal, long-suffering fans.

Yes, James Dolan, owner of the New York Knicks, I’m looking at you.

You hired back Isiah Thomas as a “consultant”–never mind that he was an abysmal coach and general manager. And never mind that he cost you $11.5 million in a sexual-harassment lawsuit.

Never mind any of that.

You find him charming, and want hang around with him. Heck, maybe even make him general manager. Again.

Despite his penchant for turning gold into lead.

There are times when I look around and wonder–can I screw as badly as some public figures and still–STILL!–be highly sough-after?

That would probably depend on the cluelessness of my benefactors. But if I’m charming and seductive, I can get away with anything, it seems.


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