I live here. And more than 20 years ago, it looked like this.

A city like this is a living, breathing thing. People move in and out, and businesses do the same. Neglect can lead to decay, and recovery is never overnight.

At the top of this website is a picture of New Brunswick from around 1980. The neighborhood I live in now looks nothing like that. The vast parking lot on the lower left is now a vast apartment complex. There’s a hotel down the street. But only three buildings in that entire stretch survive. But not without a fight, as preservationists fought to keep some semblance of the old.

You want change? You want something new? Here’s the deal. There is no magic pill. It will not happen overnight. It will not. A lot of those nights you’ll be crying yourself to sleep. And you’ll wake up groggy, not sure if you want to face another day of certain battle.

Then, one day you’ll walk out the door, look around you and notice, “My, how things have changed.”


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