School daze

The city I now call home has a major university, and the kids are making their way back into the dorms and the restaurants and the streets. Things feel more lively, as if the city has awoken from a summer afternoon’s nap. I remember these days, of packing bags and stuffing suitcases, filling a car and hoping on the road back to campus. Days that were good, and uncertain–or maybe unknowing would be better. What would happen to me once I left this place, escaped its ivy cocoon? Would I be ready for the harsh winds of the true real world?

More than 10 years later, I’m making out ok. But school doesn’t teach you everything. The thousands of dollars to obtain a piece of paper doesn’t quite prepare you. Living life, making peace with the ups and downs that will come, making peace with who you are–those are the lessons that await the youngsters in the classrooms, bars and streets of the this town.


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