Wow. Just f’@#*in wow

I read Ta-Nehisi Coates’s blog on the Atlantic’s website everyday. I love the rigor and deep thought he brings to that community. This, is dealing with an emailer, blew me away…

[…]I think you also have to be willing to examine evidence that undermines your working theories. I think you can’t dismiss discomfiting arguments out of hand. I think you have to be willing to disagree with those in your own camp, but not so much that you become the one unscrupulous partisans trot out to advance their agenda. I think it’s always a bad idea to laud your own penchant for the boldly counter-intuitive. When I hear people bragging about being politically incorrect, I start yawning; the elegant argument speaks for itself.

These tools, paired with personal experience and interest, allow people to assume a kind of sincerity that they otherwise might not. We spend so much time hoping for conversation, without realizing that a certain ground must be established to make that conversation real. You need to have credibility with your audience. The moment you have to list out your accolades, is the moment you realize, rightly or wrongly, that you have none. […]


2 thoughts on “Wow. Just f’@#*in wow

  1. I was led to your blog by “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)” on my blog, and can’t stop reading. This post in particular rings true for me and I see overwhelming evidence of you living the truth of it in your writing. Wow.

  2. Thanks for reading, David. All I’m doing trying to see that truth, and take it from there. And those poems are great–keep putting your truth down so others can see it.

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