Fear this

When I was in college, I had a No Fear T-shirt, which said: Losing Is Not An Option.

Yeah, silly. I know.

But here’s something to not fear–scientists are studying a woman who has no sense of fear. She has a condition called Urbach-Wiethe disease–meaning she can pick up a snake, walk calmly away from a knife-wielding assailant, and had no fear of death. I wonder–does the lack of fear put her in dangerous situations, and what are the implications of this knowledge for the rest of us? And does our knowledge of our own fear keep us out of trouble?


One thought on “Fear this

  1. The pairing “No Fear” with “Losing Is Not An Option” ironically works for those who sit on the couch.

    Fear is the balance to desire. We must desire something enough to overcome the fear or risk it will take to attain. Without fear we will take unnecessary risks and get bit by the snake.

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