Growing up

I have a friend–let’s call her M. This is a friendship that I really appreciate because of how grown-up it is. She came along at a point in my life, a couple of years ago, after a really bad break up (which I’ve written about it) when I was not really looking for anyone. And let me point out that it is platonic. What I get from M is incredible generosity. She’s nicer to me than she has to be, but she is. Simply because she wants to. I’ve been to her mom’s for easter, the beach to stay at her place, plays, and just dinner. We talk about work, family, love lives, politics, music, sports. We give each other support, friendship, fellowship. We, silently, don’t ask any more than that from the other. We can be silly, and laugh. We can yell and scream at the basketball game. There is no pressure to do or be more than who we are. And we enjoy other’s company. It is as adult a friendship as one can hope for.


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