Money doesn’t equal smarts

I am even-keeled about most things in life–to make good, smart decisions, you need clear grounded, thinking. And that’s why I allow sports to drag me off the rails. In the grand scheme, sports is a blip; a damn sight less important that what’s taking place in Egypt right now. And seeing Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, shoot himself (again) in the foot makes me happy. But only somewhat. Being a Dallas Cowboys fan, I have a healthy and robust dislike for the Skins. (Having Pittsburgh play for the Super Bowl in Dallas hurts, but not as much as Washington visit would have). But I have sympathy for Skins fans–years of Cowboy ownership from Jerry Jones will do that to you.

The lesson here is this: money doesn’t smarts. It doesn’t. You’re a team owner. You have two jobs: cheer (from the owner’s box, damnit!) and write checks. That’s it. The fact that you’ve made money doesn’t mean you’ve attained some special mystical powers. In other words, don’t be a damn jerk, and win some games. And a Lombardi Trophy every so often would help.


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