Brain dump

(these brain dumps are good–they help me write, without regard to what’s coming out, and serve as a good head-clearing exercise; no warranties are made about grammar…)

can’t really write, nothing really wrong, but can’t really find the time or the space to do it.

not opposed to valentine’s day at all, but tired of having/seeing everything that a person is hinge on that one single day. shouldn’t self-worth be greater than this?

usually dream every night, but can’t capture them all; last two nights’ dreams were vivid, almost lucid.

would like a week of nothing so i can write–or at least think without interruptions

we all have some insecurity we have to wrestle with–why abuse others? or more precisely, why suck others into your morass? shouldn’t the goal be to lift others, thereby lifting you?

i’ve lived in this city for a year, and granted, it’s not new york or brussels. but it feels good to be back in a city again.

beach living would suit me fine–i’m glad i live 45 minutes from the ocean

I’ve been thinking about the music I listen to–much of it’s not top 40, which doesn’t hold a lot of interest for me; jazz (real jazz, not the musak called smooth jazz; a lot of electronica/ambient/downtempo–I wonder sometimes if I listen to it because it’s a good antidote to the stress of my job; I also discover music that I wish I had discovered years ago.

Have I said how much I like living in a city again? Even on a Sunday morning, there’s a tiny hive of activity. It feels good to be able to walk to the starbucks…

One reason I listen to ambient–it’s easier to work with it on…

Cold, clear winter days have a beautiful crispness to them…

For the first time in two months, there’s virtually no snow on the ground. What’s left is from the december storm. A very strange winter–two massive storms, 60s midweek, back below freezing last night and possible snow tonight…

No, I’m not discounting other music–the downtempo/ambient interests me right now.

I’m sitting near a professor who’s grading papers–here every sunday, it seems; so is the guy with the laptop and two cameras (pro-type) always lots of students here.


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