The weather report

The last Friday of winter was a treat. Two months of snow, bitter cold yielded to sunny skies and mid 70s. You could call it a gift, a thank you from Mother Nature for the guff we had to put up with. There’s still a pile of snow blackened by time and pollution still hanging in as a reminder. When Saturday dawned clear and bright, you’d think if would be a repeat of that glorious Friday. Ah, but the eyes deceive…25 degrees colder, and much windier. No matter, still good enough to enjoy the day. Having ants in my pants, and an itch to go somewhere, I hopped in the car and drove down to the beach. Still as beautiful, and windy, as it was inland, and surprisingly, more than a few people strolling the boardwalk. It’s never a bad thing to be oceanside, to hear the waves crashing on the beach. Today, it’s much colder–scarves and gloves again–as I watch the city wake up and get going. That’s March, and to a certain extent, life–changing, never permanent, though we seek that stability. And the forecast for later this week? Snow.


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