On the train ride home…

Have you ever been to a dinner that you wished never ended? A beautifully cooked steak, a sumptuous bottle of wine, perfectly cooked spinach, a divine raspberry tart. You know–you’ve had that dinner. This piece was–is–that kind of dinner.

There were so, so many takeaways in this lecture that I will make sure to read it again. Like…

–We seem to be educating sheep, not creative thinkers. Our education system, and dare I say, the way we’re raising our kids, is growing risk-averse hoop jumpers. Courageous thinkers are needed.

–We like conformity. Too much–we create creativity a little bit like a weed, instead of like a daffodil.

–Same with thinking–we act as if it is a sort of disease, to be eradicated. This time, now, is the time when thinking is most critical. Acting without thinking is shallow acting, and bound to fail.

–Solitude in leadership is an essential. No one is saying you can’t act, but have the chance–your give yourself the chance–to calibrate your thoughts (that damned word again).

Like a fine meal, this lecture will linger in the memory…

Solitude and Leadership: an article by William Deresiewicz | The American Scholar.


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