A couple of months ago, I had dinner with a friend before she moved back Italy. The topic of comparing relationships came up, and she made a keen observation–why is it that there has to be so much drama in a relationship? It’s almost as if a relationship can’t exist without drama, that without drama, a relationship isn’t valid. Here comes the requisite disclaimer–no relationship is perfect, and some conflict is inevitable. People are complex and weird–they, we, you, me–do things for myriad reasons. Her point was the constant, incessant bickering, fighting, arguing appeared to be the hallmark of a relationship. If I had to guess, this might be somebody’s idea of a passionate relationship. Sounds like my idea of a disaster in the making. Maybe that fighting and yelling is trying to mask the quiet that sometimes comes in a relationship, and one or both parties can’t face those quiet moments. I don’t know. I really don’t. What I think I know is this, and it might be a dangerous idea–there are people in life who need a relationship to complete them. There is something that they don’t realize–they are complete as they are. They are whole as they are. This notion pisses on the notion that you need another person to make you whole. Again, for those who aren’t picking this up–you were born a whole human being. You forgot this along the way. I’m here, telling you now–you are whole. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you might be drama-free.


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