This was unexpected

The only connection I have to cricket is this:

It’s a cricket bat I bought at Lilywhite’s on Piccadilly Circus in London. I wanted a cool souvenir.

Still, I read with interest this story on test cricket at Lord’s, the spiritual home of the game. What I didn’t expect was a treatise on the state of modern life, and the need to not be bored, as told through the England vs. India five-day Test match. It was a brilliant piece, and well worth the time spent on the train reading it.

Two quotes really stood out…

“There’s an entire generation of people,” my ESPN colleague Andrew Miller says in the press box, “growing up without knowing how wonderful it can be to wait for something.”


“Everyone’s reality is peculiar to them,” he says. “It has to be. Thank God.”

There’s a constant push to be entertained, a constant desire not to be bored. A constant fear of the quiet, a constant fear of not being able to wait. In a five-day test, waiting is the joy. Waiting is ok.


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