Small movements

Yesterday I had to move my old couch out of my apartment to make room for the new one coming in tomorrow. That old thing was 15 years old, too small and getting hard to get comfortable in. Moving it was a chore–pushing it on its side, humping it onto the dolly, pushing it into the elevator, then wheeling it through two parking lots to the Dumpster. At first, I tried heaving it onto that dolly with one big push. Which went nowhere. Then I figured, slowly–tiny movements, side to side and up, then that 150-pound sofa was on and ready to roll. Same with the getting through the door and outside–small movements, no rushing, slowing the dolly down a slight drop. When I got to the Dumpster, same thing in reverse–easing it off and setting it down gently. 

The rush to get where we want to go in life can often lead to places we don’t want to be. We have to understand where we want to go, the steps in getting there, and know that there will be difficulty getting there.

Most importantly, we have to know ourselves in that journey, and that we evolve throughout that journey.

All of this from a beat-up couch…


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