Three things

I’m working–slowly–on making the changes professionally I want to make. But I need to look at three things a little differently…some (edited) notes…

Live…where and how? For the moment, let’s stay where I am; close to the city, the airport and the beach. Close to the turnpike for the drive home. Would be great to live at the beach?

How? Like I am now…I don’t need much really, glad that I don’t own a house. Some clothes, some books. Don’t really need a tv. Should I get a laptop? Big, powerful one. Apple, of course. Definitely need high-speed internet access.

Need to be in an active town; no suburbs. Parks, bike trails. Transit to the city, good restaurants/bars/culture wherever I am.

Work: is the field I’m looking at just a waypoint? Probably. But a good one. Would love some combo of a couple of fields plus life coaching. Mostly from home, but want to be in an office a couple of days a week. Would love to work overseas for a few weeks a year–Brussels, Paris at the top of the list.

How do I get into my new field? How do I get into coaching? Trying to get into that new field–informational interview Wednesday will help. Need to dive into coaching certification. Need to maintain momentum of search while working–hard to do, has to be done.

Play–doing well in not obsessively checking BBerry at home; keep it up. Don’t be afraid to go for vacation time–it’s yours. You work best when you are rested. Rest. Get to Europe this year.

Real playing–go to the beach. Go to jazz. Take the train to DC. Relax. Buy a truck someday. Move to the beach. Flirt. Have great sex. Drink well. Eat well. Take care of your body and your soul. See some baseball. See some soccer.



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