The two Fs

In school, I hated getting Fs. Mom hated them, too. But I’m relearning that we deal with two Fs throughout our lives–fear and failure. In my life right now, I’m wrestling with both. I’m scared to move the career move I know I need to make. I’m slowly moving in the direction I need to be in, as difficult as it is to move away from something I’ve known for all of my adult life.

And that leads me to the second F–failure. I think it’s taking a bit of time because I’ve failed to imagine that aspect of my life being different. But now I can. I can see myself doing something different. I’m not held hostage by what I’ve done for the past 15 years. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done, it’s led me to a lot of great experiences, but I want more experiences, different experiences, now. I want to enjoy doing something else.

I’m getting there, in all its inevitability. Slowly or otherwise.


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