Jotting it down

If Santa Claus can make a list, so can I. But instead of writing who’s naughty or nice, the list I making is one where I want to do things. One night last week, I typed out stuff I wanted to do. It’s not a bucket list, but a stream of consciousness exercise, things I’ve just been wanting to do, and need to do. I have it in a place I can easily refer to it, and I can add to it as well (I don’t see taking anything off). This is the edited list; it’s edited because a couple of things involve the office. And a couple involve sex–I can’t put all my secrets out there.

go to montreal
go to brussels
go to denver
go to the beach more
exercise more
continue to eat better
at some point, i’m going to start a family
reach out to friends more
one inch over the line
less and less tv
more music
buy a truck
have sweaty, hot sex in a hotel room in the middle of the day
take the train to someplace other than work
drink absinthe
reach out to my brother more
reach out to my dad more
don’t be afraid to flirt
go to paris
go to atlantic city
explore zen more
continue to be healthy
listen to your body
don’t be afraid to say no
don’t be afraid to say yes
go to dallas
go to seattle
go to rio
go to toronto
eat well
read more


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